Karen Belz
March 08, 2018 9:53 am

After losing her beloved dog, Chrissy Teigen wrote a beautiful tribute to English Bulldog Puddy on Instagram. “It’s true what they say,” she wrote. “We are their entire lives and it is the greatest shame that they can only bless us with a short spark of time in ours. I always knew I would lose a piece of me when he left us. I feel the hole now.”

But as everyone knows, laughter is the best medicine — and after posting multiple photos of her sweet buddy, she decided to have a little fun and troll her friends with the news of Puddy’s passing. This is Chrissy Teigen after all.

Basically, Teigen posted on all her friends’ mundane posts yesterday with comments like, “My dog died.” She also claimed that “Puddy would have wanted this.” Even her hairstylist, Jen Atkin, wasn’t safe from the trolling.

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Somewhere out there, Puddy is smiling.

Mourning the loss of a beloved pet is no easy feat, but we’re glad Tiegen isn’t letting Puddy’s passing crush her spirit — or her delightfully twisted sense of humor.

As we reported yesterday, Teigen and John Legend got Puddy within the first year of their relationship, and the bulldog had seen them through the ups and downs of marriage, children, moves, and careers. Basically, he was a genuine member of the family, and all kidding aside, he’ll sorely be missed.

But kidding not aside, LOL, girl. This is vicious — in the best way, of course.