Karen Belz
February 16, 2018 1:55 pm

We’ve heard of “dad jokes” before, but Chrissy Teigen is proof that “mom jokes” definitely exist, too. The model and co-host of Lip Sync Battle is expecting her second child with musician John Legend and is seemingly having a blast in the process. As Monday is Presidents’ Day, Teigen decided to celebrate the occasion with a good joke to share with her friends. The problem? Her friends don’t seem to appreciate her “unique” sense of humor.

Teigen’s tweets are basically why many of us even have Twitter. While she keeps it real and isn’t afraid to open up about serious issues, she also approaches both trolls and current events with a healthy dose of jokes.

And in true Teigen fashion, she just shared the best/worst Presidents’ Day joke. In celebration of the three day weekend ahead, Teigen thought it’d be a good idea to text a bunch of her friends and ask if they’re looking forward to the “long weekend.” And to illustrate her point, she elongate a photo of…The Weeknd…


While she may not have gotten a lot of responses via text, her Twitter fans were quick to comment.

Okay, this is hands down our favorite text in the history of texts, and Chrissy, we STAND WITH YOU on this one. In fact, we may  just have to steal it for ourselves for all long weekends going forward. Thanks for the inspo, girl.

Also, Happy Presidents’ Day Weekend, everyone!