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Updated Jun 20, 2019 @ 11:46 am
chrissy teigen
Credit: Daniele Venturelli, Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to dealing with mom-shamers. The model has dealt with her fair share of internet bullies with an opinion on everything ranging from her choice to use IVF to her daughter Luna’s wardrobe—and Teigen always has the perfect response. This time, keyboard warriors are coming for the 33-year-old over Luna’s first trip to the dentist. (Really?)

While some fans weighed in on how cute Luna looked, others were quick to question the age at which Teigen took her daughter to see the dentist for the first time. “What age do they start over there? My daughter started seeing a dentist at a yr old,” one person wrote. Another commented: “Luna definitely should have seen a dentist multiple times by now as kids should go twice a year!”

But Teigen wasn’t going to let the mommy shaming go by without a response. The model chimed in, responding to one user’s comment by writing: “Was waiting for this. U guys never fail me.”

After that, plenty of fans jumped in to defend Teigen, while one Instagram user mocked the shamers’ “advice,” commenting: “Isn’t it dangerous for her to be that close to an alligator? Very concerning Chrissy.”

It seems as though Teigen isn’t taking the comments to heart too much though—after all, she’s a pro at not letting mom-shamers get to her. “Everyone is trying to be helpful, but there is a way to say everything,” she told Parents in May 2018. “You have to be understanding of people’s circumstances, and I think people should remember that everyone is just doing their best.”