Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Bravo / Getty Images

Dr. Seuss. The Berenstain Bears. Goodnight Moon. For many of us, these books were childhood staples. However, if you’re Chrissy Teigen, your parents read you something else. Something decidedlymore disturbing. In a January 29th Instagram post, Teigen filmed herself reading a book to her son, Miles. She captioned the post, “learning a lot about myself from the stories my mom used to read me.”

The book in question appears to be written half in English, half in Thai, and includes an illustration of a baby bird. The last few pages of the book read, “And his tiny wings were too weak to fly high. When he flew halfway up the mountain, he fell down to the ground and died.” Pretty dark, right? Well it gets darker. The book ends with this line:

LOL. Also, ouch. We suddenly have a lot more insight into Teigen’s personal psyche.