On Monday, February 11th, Chrissy Teigen casually threw a #tbt photo up on Instagram. The middle-school era pic showed Teigen in a Tommy Hilfiger tank, a skort, and some Adidas Superstars. It was cute, nostalgic, and also proof that Teigen literally used to be Selena Gomez. We repeat: Chrissy Teigen looked just like Selena Gomez when she was younger.

As someone who is very much on the internet, we’re shocked that Teigen didn’t make the connection herself because her likeness to Gomez is uncanny. Teigen simply captioned the photo “jealous much” as if she weren’t even aware that her caption should be, oh we dunno, “Hey, don’t I look like Selena Gomez here? So crazy, right?” Also, if you search both their names on Twitter, you would learn that Teigen is a big Gomez fan, so she should know.

Despite the fact that Teigen didn’t notice their likeness in her throwback photo, the comment section did.

“It took me 5 looks to realize this was chrissy and not Selena Gomez,” wrote one commenter. “For a while I could take a bet she’s Selena,” said another.

For reference, here’s Teigen’s throwback photo:

Here’s Gomez now:

And here’s a photo of Gomez when she was roughly the same age that Teigen was in her #tbt:

Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Teigen and Gomez have now joined the highly coveted realm of celebrities who look like other celebrities. Other esteemed members include Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester, Will Ferrell and Chad Smith, and Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. Welcome to the famous faces doppelganger club.