Because Chrissy Teigen is so damn good at Twitter, the micro-blogging app has dubbed her the “unofficial mayor of Twitter.” Thanks to this accolade, Teigen recently participated in a Twitter video series called #BehindTheTweet in which she broke down the truths behind some of her most popular tweets. One of her tweets was about that “lie” some of us make when we sleep with someone on the first date.

She’s referring to having sex on the first date, y’all, if that wasn’t evident.

Teigen then elaborated on the tweet and said: “It’s true, and you’re a liar if you haven’t said it yourself, ladies. It’s just a thing you say. It makes them feel special.”

This is pretty true: Who among us hasn’t uttered an “I never do this” on at least one first date? But while we’re on the topic, what is with this stigma about women having sex on the first date? Are we still pretending we don’t like sex? Because women have sex on the first date and it’s totally fine to do. It doesn’t make us “fast” or “slutty.” But because the patriarchy is a full nightmare, women have been pulling the “I never do this” card since forever and damn if that isn’t the truth.

You can watch the rest of Teigen’s #BehindTheTweet series above. She wonders why Cardi B doesn’t follow her on Twitter and talked about Kanye West’s meltdowns.