Karen Belz
March 07, 2018 11:17 am

Today in upsetting celebrity pet news, Chrissy Teigen announced that her beloved English Bulldog, Puddy, has passed away. To celebrate his extraordinary life, Teigen posted multiple photos of Puddy to show how much he meant to her. And while he was part of Teigen and John Legend’s wonderful family, he also had a family of his own. According to Teigen, Puddy was married and left behind a beautiful wife. That’s right. Puddy was married to one of Teigen’s other dogs, Pippa.

According to Teigen, she and Legend got Puddy the first year they started dating.

Teigen noted that she knew the time would eventually come, but she’s now feeling the void of his absence.

Teigen then showcased some of Puddy’s wedding photos, and they’re absolutely everything.

The wedding was legit. Legend even dressed up for the poolside nuptials. There were also plenty of flowers, and both pups were wearing their finest attire.

Teigen opened up about Puddy’s health in November after he began suffering from heart problems.

We know it’ll take everyone in the family — both dogs and humans — a long time to cope with the loss of Puddy. Losing a pet is incredibly difficult, and we’re sending a giant hug Chrissy’s way.