Last night, Sunday, April 1st, NBC aired a live rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar starring John Legend. Legend’s wife, the incomparable Chrissy Teigen, live-tweeted the entire event (because, of course). And while most of the internet was dazzled by the production, former Fox host Bill O’Reilly seemed less than pleased. In fact, he threw definite shade at the show — and Legend specifically — with a disparaging tweet about Legend’s tattoos.

Teigen was having none of it. The model and cookbook author fired back, perfectly putting Riley in his place and reminding the world that she’s not here to play when it comes to social media jabs (and also, that she’s the queen of clapbacks).

It all started when O’Reilly tweeted, “Watching JC Superstar on NBC. Who knew Jesus of Nazareth ran a tattoo parlor. Geez.”

To which Teigen responded:

OH SNAP. Teigen is of course referring to the fact that the conservative “family values” news anchor paid a former female Fox News legal analyst $32 million so she wouldn’t sue him or the network over his repeated sexual harassment. It was also revealed that O’Reilly had made similar payoffs to five other women. Basically, it’s outrageous that the disgraced anchor is throwing stones at anyone at this point in time — especially for something as as innocuous as tattoos — and Teigen had no qualms calling him out.

Let this be a reminder to anyone and everyone: Don’t mess with Teigen or her family — and certainly not via Twitter.