Nicole Pomarico
Updated Feb 20, 2018 @ 3:52 pm

Every time Chipotle announces a new menu item, it seems to be met with equal parts skepticism and excitement, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to this big news. According to reports, Chipotle is adding quinoa to its menu, but is this really necessary? Are people going to want quinoa in their burrito bowls and tacos? It sounds like the powers that be behind the restaurant’s menu decisions definitely think so.

The news was announced on Monday when the food chain revealed that it would start offering the option first at its New York test kitchen; so far, the company has yet to announce plans for when, or if, the quinoa will roll out in other locations.

“The quinoa is made with red and gold quinoa tossed with a little citrus juice, cumin, and freshly chopped cilantro,” Chipotle rep Chris Arnold told Business Insider. “We are recommending that added to a salad or in place of rice in another entree.”

Quinoa? Instead of rice in your burrito? That’s… interesting.

One of the things that’s so wonderful about Chipotle is how predictable it is. No matter which Chipotle you visit, you know that your favorite taco, burrito, salad, or bowl combo will be there waiting for you, just like it always has been…and don’t forget the guac (which, obviously, is extra. Duh).

Tossing a new item into the mix isn’t always a good thing. Remember how pumped everyone was about Chipotle’s queso, only for it to end up falling kind of flat? The last thing Chipotle needs is for the same thing to happen with another menu addition.

But then again, sometimes change can be good. Maybe this quinoa is delicious and will be a total burrito game-changer. The only way to know for sure is to try it out — and hopefully, fans of the chain everywhere will have the chance to do that soon.