Alim Kheraj
July 14, 2016 5:45 am

You might not be aware, but the UK has been through a bit of a political turmoil recently. After a public referendum, the British people voted to leave the European Union, which resulted in the prime minister, David Cameron, stepping down. Yesterday (13 July), Theresa May was chosen as David’s successor, making her the UK’s second female prime minister. Given her new role, Theresa had to chose a bunch of new people to be part of her cabinet, the collective decision-making body of the government (right, hopefully you’re up to speed).

One person who, following the referendum on Brexit (a portmanteau for Britain Exit), has become quite vocal about the UK’s political landscape is the one and only Cher.

The legendary singer voiced her opinions about two prominent figures who campaigned for Britain’s exit from Europe, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

Now, following Theresa May’s appointment, Cher has taken issue with the appointment of Boris Johnson, who (surprisingly) has been given the role of foreign secretary. After being prompted by a journalist on Twitter asking what she made of Johnson’s new role, Cher tweeted, ““Think he’s a f-ing idiot. Who lied to the British ppl & didn’t have the [balls] 2 lead then once ‘LEAVE’ vote won.”

Users on Twitter quickly flooded Cher with requests for her to apply for the leader of the opposition party, who are also currently in the midst of their own leadership battle.

“UK HAS“SPECIAL PLACE IN MY [heart],” Cher tweeted in reply, complete with a multitude of emojis. “LIVED THERE 2X’s IN MY LIFE & LOVE BRITS..HOWEVER…BORIS & NIGEL ARE DEFINITE TOSSERS.”

Perhaps Cher should think about moving to the UK. By the looks of things, they might need her…