Madison Vanderberg
May 03, 2018 2:43 pm

Charlize Theron’s new film Tully opens this weekend and tells the story of an overwhelmed mom of three who finds help in the form of a night nanny. For her role in Tully, Theron gained 50 pounds, a feat she’s spoken about candidly in recent interviews. It’s the kind of body transformation that has critics and fans of the film crying “brave,” and honestly, it’s an honor that Theron wishes would stop.

In a recent interview, Theron ruminated on the idea that her body transformation for her career is “brave” while the same transformation that pregnant women undergo is ignored.

Variety called her performance “fearless, emotionally raw, and physically intense,” and to be honest, uhh — they’re just describing motherhood. Let’s give those accolades to women who do that in their real lives.

Theron admitted that it took a year and a half to lose the weight she gained for the role, and yet regular mothers often feel this pressure to “bounce back” or return to their “pre-baby bodies.”

Theron, who adopted both her children, says she experienced depression for the first time in her life simply gaining the weight to play the part of a pregnant woman in Tully.

Yes, Theron is a talented actress who deserves any awards coming to her, but hear her when she says that there’s nothing more brave about her body transformation than the transformations pregnant women all over the world do all the time.