Channing Tatum was unleashed into the world in 2006 thanks to a little film called She’s the Man. It was the movie that officially launched his career, but apparently, if it wasn’t for Amanda Bynes, we might not know and love Channing now. Bynes made a triumphant return to the public eye via Paper magazine where she revealed how hard she had to fight to cast then-unknown Tatum in the film. In other words, Bynes revealed that she basically launched Tatum’s career, and Tatum just responded to the revelation.

Tatum caught up with Entertainment Tonight on November 28th, 2018 and had the most delightful response to Bynes’ interview.

Tatum is aware of Bynes’ struggles in the last few years and is simply rooting for his old friend and co-star.

The actor admitted that he hasn’t seen Bynes in years but called her performance in She’s the Man “so alive,” adding, “you never knew what was going to come out her mouth, she was just on fire.”

Bynes also revealed in her Paper interview that she’s ready to get back into acting. And since now is the time for reboots, remakes, and sequels…She’s the Man 2, anyone?