Arielle Tschinkel
Updated Apr 11, 2019 @ 10:25 am

If you like being scared, there’s currently no shortage of options on both the big screen (Us and Pet Sematary, anyone?) and small screen. But Netflix’s new horror series Chambers seems next-level terrifying, and if it’s as scary as the trailer suggests, we probably won’t be sleeping for a long time.

The streaming service just dropped the first trailer for the series, which stars Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn alongside newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose. Rose plays a young woman who receives a life-saving heart transplant after suffering a heart attack, only to find that she’s experiencing mysterious links to her donor (who was the daughter of Thurman and Goldwyn’s characters). It seems like we can expect potentially dark magic and some seriously unsettling visuals—at least from the preview.

Netflix has been on a roll with creepy content lately, with shows like Haunting of Hill House and Sabrina—to name just a few. And we have a feeling Chambers will continue to solidify it as a legitimate source for scary, psychological thrillers.

Though the Chambers trailer doesn’t give too much away, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

The first season of Chambers drops on April 26th.