Bad news, Céline Dion fans. If you were planning a trip to Las Vegas to see her show, Céline at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, you might want to double check the date on your ticket. Because on Wednesday, March 21st, Dion announced that she’s canceling shows between March 27th and April 18th. The reason? She needs to undergo a surgical procedure.

The news broke on the official Céline Dion Facebook page. Team Céline shared that the singer has been dealing with Patulous Eustachian tube, a condition in her middle ear that makes it hard for her to both hear and sing. Dion has been experiencing Patulous Eustachian tube for the last 12-18 months, treating it with ear drops. But now, she needs to have surgery to truly fix the problem.

“My luck hasn’t been very good lately,” Dion herself added to the post. “I’ve been so looking forward to doing my shows again and this happens…. I just can’t believe it! I apologize to everyone who planned to travel to Las Vegas to see my show. I know how disappointing this is, and I’m so sorry.”

But don’t worry — the surgery is reportedly minimally invasive. Dion expects to be performing again on May 22nd.

Read Dion’s full statement below, including detailed refund information for ticketholders.

Fans showed their support in the Facebook comments.

“Celine family and health first, you are loved and we want what’s best for you,” one user commented.

“Let’s pray she gets better and continues singing like she has done for so many years,” said another. “Get better Celine! You are a great singer and even a greater human being.”

And this person said what we’re all thinking. “God bless Céline, we all love her and I’m sure those planning to attend these shows understand. She’s human too and unfortunately, things happen. Hope she gets better soon!”

We’re wishing you a speedy recovery, Céline!