Anna Sheffer
Updated Jun 20, 2019 @ 9:15 am

On June 15th, Bella Thorne shared her own topless photos to keep a hacker from leaking them. At the time, the actress wrote on Twitter that she was taking her “power back” from a man who had been threatening her. It was a situation that no one would want to face, but that didn’t stop some from criticizing Thorne. In the June 17th episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg said that celebrities should never take nude photos, prompting Thorne to issue a teary response on Instagram. It has clearly been a difficult week for Thorne, and luckily, other celebrities have been sending her an outpouring of love and support.

In a series of July 19th Instagram posts, the former Disney star shared some of the messages she has gotten since the photo hack. Among those standing behind her were Lucy Hale, Lily-Rose Depp, Madison Beer, Dove Cameron, and Zendaya, with many others sending their support.

Depp, meanwhile, messaged Thorne that she would have done the same thing. She also said that those criticizing Thorne were “clearly unconcerned by what repercussions words like that might have as it relates to young people and how they view their sexualities and bodies.”

In a private message to Thorne, Beer wondered, “Why aren’t we talking about the men who betrayed our trust and humiliated us?” Empire actress Serayah McNeill called Thorne “inspiring” and urged her to “Keep doing you!”

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Thorne also shared a screenshot of a tweet from Cameron, who asked where “the support for young women” was.

Zendaya texted Thorne to tell her that she is “strong and courageous and beautiful inside and out.”

The victims of nude photo hacks should never be blamed for what happened. We’re glad to see Thorne getting so much love after dealing with a scary situation, and we’re sending our support and solidarity her way, too.