Lauren Saccone
Updated Dec 07, 2017 @ 3:05 pm
Chrissy Teigen fire
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The past few days have been chaotic for the citizens of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. The Skirball Fire started early Wednesday, December 7th, and has been raging ever since, along with several other major burn sites. Since the recent fires began, tens of thousands of acres have been burned, and thousands of people have been evacuated. The devastation has been brutal, and it’s unclear when the fires will stop.

The images and accounts of people who have been displaced by the fires are heartbreaking. However, we’ve also seen so many members of the community come forward to help others during this scary time. Many are using social media to reach out and support one another.

Several celebrities have also been displaced, as the wealthy Bel Air area is close to the fire. Some, like Paris Hilton, opted to evacuate early rather than stay and risk danger.

Comedian Chelsea Handler also left her home due to the flames, though not without tying them to the apocalyptic scene to the current state of the government.

Meanwhile, Lea Michele is thankful for friends who could take her in during a time of need.

Still others have been reporting from the front lines of the disaster. YouTuber Markiplier warned his followers about the dangers surrounding Los Angeles, and how the L.A. fire has changed a once-familiar setting.

Of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the bravery of the firefighters working to contain such a massive threat. Amidst so much terror and confusion they are working tirelessly to save lives.

And don’t forget the countless animals that have seen their homes destroyed by the fires.

Our thoughts are with everyone in Southern California right now. Stay safe.