Photo of Mariah Carey 10 Year Challenge
Credit: Mariah Carey /

On the off chance you haven’t noticed it taking over your Instagram feed, the latest social media craze has already emerged in the New Year. The 10-year challenge, a.k.a. the “How Hard Did Aging Hit You? Challenge,” involves posting a photo of yourself in 2009 next to a photo of yourself in 2019. It’s a chance to show off your glow-up and reflect on how you’ve changed in the last 10 years—all for the better, hopefully!

Even celebs are jumping on the 10-year challenge bandwagon, giving us mere mortals the chance to see how our favorite actors and musicians have gotten more beautiful with age. It’s super unfair if you ask us, but that’s okay. We still love seeing how far the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey have come since 2009, which seriously feels like a LIFETIME ago.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite celebrity 10 Year Challenge photos:

Reese Witherspoon

Mariah Carey

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez

Mandy Moore

Nicki Minaj

Nick Cannon

Brie Larson

Caitlyn Jenner

Tyra Banks

Busy Philipps

Viola Davis

Jennifer Lopez

Padma Lakshmi

Trevor Noah

Elizabeth Banks

Janet Jackson and Keshia Knight Pulliam

Amy Schumer


Gabrielle Union

Kate Hudson

Jessica Biel

Ryan Seacrest

They’ve aged gorgeously, amiright? Maybe it’s all that Fiji water they’re drinking.