Florence Pugh, Sophie Turner, and more offered their voices.

Hedy Phillips
Mar 12, 2021 @ 4:04 pm
Sarah Everard missing poster
Credit: Leon Neal, Getty Images

Sarah Everard went missing on March 3rd in London while walking home. According to CNN, her body was identified March 12th after being found two days prior, and authorities have a person of interest in custody on suspicion of kidnapping and murder.

While Everard's disappearance, assault, and killing are sadly not out of the ordinary, her story sparked a movement on social media, with women all over the world coming together to share their own stories of assault, as well as tips and resources. What's most powerful about this is that they aren't just sharing safety tips for women, but also tips for how men can make women feel safer.

Celebrities and influencers alike—especially those who are British and felt this case close to home—took to their large platforms to share resources, as well as heartbreak over a life lost.

Florence Pugh dedicated her Instagram Stories on March 11th and 12th to sharing apps for women to put on their phones to up their safety, even continuing to add as people sent her suggestions. She rounded out the series with a note for her male viewers to please also take all these tips to heart. She wrote, "Men, please share all the information we are sharing too. … Share on your insta stories the phone tips, the apps, the strikes, the marches, the push back. Be a part of this too. We need you."

Florence Pugh Instagram Story
Credit: @florencepugh, Instagram

Dua Lipa also shared a few messages on her Instagram Stories, including this Instagram post about how women always tell each other to text when they get home.

Dua Lipa Instagram Story
Credit: @dualipa, Instagram

Olivia Wilde shared instructions for how to use your phone as an emergency SOS system, which has been making the rounds on social media this week.

Olivia Wilde Instagram Story
Credit: @oliviawilde, Instagram

Gemma Chan simply shared a photo of the book Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered with the caption "Talk to your boys." With this, she amplified the issue that all of these women are making: it's not okay to blame female victims for men's behavior. This all starts by men listening to what women are saying and by teaching boys how to be respectful from day one.

Sophie Turner shared an Instagram calling out the fact that Everard did everything "right."

The post reads, "She contacted her partner, she walked in sensible shoes, made for running. She walked in leggings, designed for the sturdy journey. She walked past CCTV in bright, memorable clothing. And, her family and friends still await her arrival home. So, if sensible shoes can't protect us? What can?"

It goes on to note that a study recently showed that 97% of women have been sexually harassed—a number probably unsurprising to women.

Sophie Turner Instagram Story
Credit: @sophiet, Instagram

Victoria Beckham shared an Instagram post on her Story that went straight to the source: men. In it, it offers tips for what men can do to help women feel safer while we're out and about. It includes tips like walking over to support a women if you see her under attack, quickly walking around her if you see her walking alone, and making sure your face is visible so she doesn't feel alarmed.

Victoria Beckham Instagram Story
Credit: @victoriabeckham, Instagram

In the end, it's really sad that women have to come together to offer each other safety tips for doing something as simple as existing. It's sad that it's on us to not get assaulted rather than on men to stop assaulting women. Celebrities using their huge platforms in Everard's name will surely get people talking right now, but hopefully once the headlines die down, men will take these tips seriously and stand with women who are assaulted, amplify their voices, and encourage all men to do better.