CBD coffee
Credit: Creative-Family / Getty Images

It’s common to feel stressed in the morning (the sound of our alarm clocks is basically stress in a nutshell), but now there’s a coffee that could help. An ice cream shop in Maryland is serving cannabis-infused coffee — a drink that will allow you to get your caffeine fix without extra anxiety — but if you want some, you’re going to have to go there.

According to their local Bethesda Magazine, Silver Spring’s Moorenko’s has just added Flower Power coffee to their menu, which is made with CBD oil. Because the oil doesn’t contain THC, it’s non-intoxicating and can be legally sold in Maryland. This also means that you can drink it in the morning and safely drive, work, and go about your day as usual, just like when you drink more traditional blends of coffee.

You can’t get high from consuming the coffee itself, but the shop’s owner, Susan Soorenko, says that it still comes with many benefits for those who drink it.

In fact, Soorenko said that she experienced zero jitters when she drank the coffee and that it helped her sleep like a baby — based on that description, this coffee could pretty much sell itself. Coffee minus the jitters? We’re in.

If you’re local to the area, you can grab a cup of brewed Flower Power coffee at Moorenko’s for $5.95, or a package of it to take home and brew yourself for $15. It’s still brand new, having only debuted on their menu last week, but if you want to try this coffee out, it’s a good time to get in on the ground floor. After all, once people find out about this magical coffee, we have a feeling it’s going to go fast.