Nicole Cord-Cruz
March 01, 2018 3:07 pm
Dreet Production/Getty Images

Back in the old days, when you wanted to catch a movie, you would have to pick up a copy of the newspaper to find out your local theater’s movie schedule. You could also head to the video store down the street to check if they have a VHS tape of the flick you wished to watch. And as for shows, you had to fervently stare at the TV Guide channel to know what was coming on the channel you wanted to watch. Fast forward to today, there are more streaming platforms than we could count, all of which contain hundreds and thousands of titles, which is great. But sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to sort through it all. Luckily, as with all things, there’s an app (and website) for that! And it’s called Cathod TV.

While we appreciate the easy sortability Netflix, Hulu, Amazon (and almost every streaming app) affords us, we sometimes wish we could sort through all of them all at once.

Thankfully, Cathod TV hopes to solve this very issue by being a one-stop-shop for everything movies and TV. So, let’s say you’re in the mood for a cathartic sob fest, and you want to tune into This Is Us; just key in the title on Cathod TV and it will show you exactly where it’s streaming. And if something isn’t available for streaming, it tells you where you can rent or buy it, and how much it will cost. The same, of course, would go for any tearjerker of a movie (My Girl and The Notebook are just a couple that come to mind).

Cathod TV

Cathod TV is also, partly, a social network.

You can get TV and movie recommendations from other viewers, and snoop on the streaming activity of your friends and family. That way, you can finally find out who among the people you trusted your Netflix password with is streaming The Boss Baby for the nth time using YOUR profile. (Honestly, how dare they?) You also have the option of sharing what you’re watching as a way of proving to everyone that you’ve got an impeccable taste in movies and shows. (Although, your ah-mazing taste probably goes without saying.)

Best of all, using Cathod TV is free! And we just want to thank the TV and movie gods for this because they know how much our wallets are crying from subscribing to too many streaming sites.

So without further ado, happy binge-watching!