Alyssa Giannone
Updated Jan 10, 2018 @ 1:24 pm
#metoo movement sign
Credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

After a night like the Golden Globes, you’re probably feeling empowered by and in love with the women who stood up and spoke out. You might have been feeling that way since the #MeToo movement started and the #TimesUp movement joined in. But there are women, specifically in France, who aren’t quite as happy with the nature of this female empowerment.

French actress Catherine Deneuve and hundreds of other high-profile French women are speaking out against #MeToo. Post-Golden Globes, Deneuve wrote a letter for the newspaper Le Monde, which has since been translated by The New York Times. The letter states that the movement has gone too far since all the Harvey Weinstein accusations, and has turned into a “witch hunt” and a new form of “puritanism.”

All that’s left to say is that Catherine and these women don’t seem to understand the point of the movement. Yes, rape is a crime. Sexual harassment and assault are a crime. But denouncing and simplifying actions that lead men to believe they can continue to use their power in these ways is regressive and harmful. Women are standing up for themselves for a reason, and it’s not to create a puritan state or speak out against sexuality. It’s to create a world where women can safely and comfortably act on and speak about their experiences on their own terms.

The sooner all women are on the same page, the sooner the culture of misconduct will end.