We love Bill Skarsgard, but he’s definitely committed to featuring in our nightmares for the foreseeable future. After totally creeping everybody out in It as Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard is onto the next big Stephen King thing — Hulu’s forthcoming Castle Rock series. You’ll be able to watch this new teaser during the 2018 Super Bowl today. We’re fully expecting this series to be one of the eeriest things we’ve ever seen, TBH, since it’s not based on one Stephen King story but inspired by his whole body of work…so, like, there’s a massive amount of chill-inducing content to pull from. But the eeriest part of this new teaser for the show is definitely Skarsgard.

He’ll be playing a yet-unnamed Shawshank Prisoner — yep, we mean Shawshank as in the prison from The Shawshank Redemption — and whoever he is, he looks terrifying.

There are a number of other cool references to King’s massive body of work in the Castle Rock teaser too. Even Skarsgard is kind of like a King reference within a King reference, since he’s playing a prisoner from Shawshank and he was, obvs, Pennywise. Sissy Spacek also appears in the trailer, and she was the original Carrie.

Check out the full Castle Rock trailer below — but make sure you do it with the lights on.

Castle Rock refers to the fictional town in Maine where all the elements of King’s novels and stories go to collide, so we’re imagining that it’s going to be like Once Upon a Time, only completely and totally horrifying. Since Hulu has yet to lead us astray with its original content — Handmaid’s Tale and Harlots are both wins in our book — we trust that the nightmares it gives us will be worth the watch.

But really, Bill Skarsgard, we get it, you can be hella spooky. How about, like, a romantic comedy or something next time? If only so we can sleep!