Guess who’s smiling pretty? Carrie Underwood, that’s who! Months after enduring a devastating accident that left her with a broken right wrist and more than 40 stitches to her face, Carrie Underwood is confident AF, and shared a close-up selfie to prove it.

On Friday, April 20th, the “Cry Pretty” singer took to Instagram to express her support for her husband, Mike Fisher, and his hockey team, the Nashville Predators. She sported the team’s official hat and flashed a picture-perfect smile on camera. The scars on her upper lip and chin are slightly visible on the selfie, and she looks nothing short of beautiful.

The photo was posted just days after Underwood opened up about her fall that occurred last November.

After the accident, Carrie Underwood kept a low profile, and even warned her fans that she might look a bit different once she emerges back into the spotlight (she recently made her first public appearance post-accident at the ACM Awards).

But we’re delighted to find out that she’s recovered just fine, and is as confident as ever.

Placing yourself back in the public eye after going through physical and emotional trauma isn’t easy, and we applaud Carrie Underwood for her bravery. By embracing her battle scars and putting them on display for the world to see, we hope that paves the way for more people to fully accept (and maybe even flaunt) their “flaws.”