Rachel Paige
February 25, 2018 7:57 pm
Gene Page/AMC

Well, The Walking Dead did it. After hinting at Carl’s death, and then straight up teasing Carl’s death, and then literally telling us about Carl’s death in an extended look at the backend of Season 8, the show actually kept its promise. The Walking Dead killed off Carl, which is honestly something we never thought the show would do.

Carl — played by Chandler Riggs — is WAS one of the last remaining original cast members of the show, and on top of that, he was Rick Grim’s son. Surely Walking Dead wouldn’t kill off the son of Rick…right? Wrong. During the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead back in December, Carl was ambushed by a walker and, unfortunately, bitten on the stomach. The mid-season finale left his fate up in the air, and during the mid-season premiere, we finally learned the aftermath of the bite, and that Carl knows his time is coming to a close.

The extra-long episode featured a LOT of flashbacks, and a LOT of Carl saying goodbye and making peace with the ones around him — namely, his dad, his *best friend* Michonne, and everyone else in Alexandria. In the end, Carl shot himself (thought we don’t actually see it happen), choosing to end his own life rather than let himself be fully overtaken by the walker that is slowly taking over him.

Needless to say, it was emotional AF for Carl (and Rick and Michonne), and also us viewers at home who were pretty overcome with emotions.

Goodbye, Carl. The zombie apocalypse just won’t be the same without you.