Anna Sheffer
January 19, 2018 9:46 am

The past year has been full of prominent resignations in the White House, from former Press Secretary Sean Spicer to former White House strategist Steve Bannon. And now, another one of President Donald Trump’s appointees has resigned. Yesterday, January 18th, Carl Higbie left his position with the Corporation for National and Community Service after a CNN KFile report unearthed racist, homophobic, and anti-Muslim comments he had made on the radio.

Higbie is a retired Navy SEAL and former spokesman for a pro-Trump Political Action Committee. Trump appointed Higbie to the CNCS in 2017. He was responsible for managing external affairs for programs like AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.

The offensive comments Higbie made took place between 2013 and 2016 and were made on an online radio show he hosted called Sound of Freedom, along with other radio programs.

Among the numerous instances of prejudice, racism, and xenophobia on his show are his statements that PTSD is a “trait of a weak mind,” black women “think that breeding is a form of employment,” and that he would shoot immigrants who cross the U.S. border illegally. In other instances, he said “I just don’t like Muslim people because their ideology sucks,” and also said, at one point, “I don’t like gay people.”

Higbie tweeted an apology on January 19th after his resignation.

Higbie previously made headlines in 2016 shortly after the presidential election, when, as a surrogate for Trump, he suggested that the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II is precedent for creating a Muslim registry.

Higbie’s comments are an inexcusable display of bigotry, and it’s disturbing that someone with these beliefs was appointed to serve in our federal government. To combat the hatred that people like Higbie spread, it’s important to be compassionate toward others. To all who face discrimination: We are here for you.