Madison Vanderberg
Updated Nov 15, 2017 @ 11:19 am
cards against humanity
Credit: Cards Against Humanity

Earlier this week the brains behind popular party game Cards Against Humanity announced that it was buying a plot of land near the U.S./Mexico border. This is important because if and when Donald Trump decides to build the wall, it’ll be a long legal nightmare to build on the privately owned land. The absurdist party game is not just the thing you bring to Christmas to give your mother a heart attack — Cards Against Humanity is actually on quite the humanitarian mission. Here are 8 things Cards Against Humanity has done to make the world a happier place.

1. In 2016, they bought out their Chinese factory for a week, to give its workers a week paid vacation.

“Our printer in China has grown with us from a small business to a huge operation, and it’s important to us to go above and beyond our obligation to the workers who make our game,” the company announced at the time. “While our factory provides excellent wages and working conditions, Chinese working conditions are generally more strict. This year, we used the money from one day of our holiday promotion to give our workers something very uncommon in China: a paid vacation.”

2. At their headquarters in Chicago, they give discounted co-working rates to local artists who need somewhere to work.

3. In 2012, most of the proceeds from their holiday sale ($70k) were donated to the Wikimedia Foundation.

4. In 2013, their holiday expansion pack earnings were spent to fund almost 300 public school programs in high-poverty areas.

5. In 2014, they sent a quarter of a million dollars to the Sunlight Foundation, an organization that allows the public to see which organizations fund elected officials.

6. Every year they dole out a full-tuition scholarship to a woman in a STEM field.

7. This summer, they released a special edition Cards Against Humanity For Her in support of Emily’s List, a foundation that works to elect pro-choice female Democrats to office.

8. Last summer, they released a Hillary Clinton and a Donald Trump expansion pack. The proceeds from the sales of both packs all went to Clinton’s campaign.

Who knew that filing in the blank with “firm buttocks” at a cocktail party would be a philanthropic effort?