Cardi B announced her pregnancy on April 7th, 2018 during her debut performance on Saturday Night Live. She began her performance of “Be Careful,” a song that seemingly warns her fiancé Offset after his infidelity, and midway through the performance, the camera pulled back to reveal her proud baby bump. Other than this recent announcement, Cardi has kept her pregnancy a secret. However, her younger sister Hennessy Carolina might have accidentally revealed the sex of Cardi’s baby…

…and it seems like Cardi is having a little girl. * insert heart eyes here *

Hennessy posted the sweetest tribute to her older sister, detailing how Cardi was like a second mom to her and how she’s as excited for Cardi’s pregnancy as if it were her own child. Hennessy has since changed the wording in the post, but she originally wrote that she was so excited to “hold ur baby and give her all the kisses,” but later changed “her” to “the baby.”

The Shade Room screengrabbed the original post where Hennessy referred to Cardi’s baby as a girl.

Besides the sex-reveal snafu, the rest of Hennessy’s post is a beautiful tribute to her older sister. Below, Hennessy’s edited comment in full:

She even punctuated the thought with a signature Cardi “aowwwwww.”