There is more than a year until the 2020 presidential election, but the race is already heating up. More than 20 Democrats are vying for the party’s nomination, and we’ve already seen some of them debate. With so many options, it can be hard to decide whose platform most closely matches what we want in our next president. But luckily, Cardi B is giving her fans a way to make sure the candidates hear their concerns.

Cardi shared a video to Instagram on July 2nd in which she asked, “If you was to have a chance to ask one of these Democratic candidates a question, what would your question be?”

The rapper added that she would like to know how the candidates would address police brutality.

She instructed her followers to leave their questions in the comments, saying that her team was going to try to get some of them answered.

When it comes to politics, Cardi doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. In January, she condemned the partial government shutdown (the longest shutdown in history), saying “this shit is crazy” and “we need to take some action.” The “Money” singer hasn’t publicly endorsed any of the Democrats running yet, but she is a noted fan of Bernie Sanders. In an April red carpet interview with Variety, she said that she wasn’t sure who she would vote for in 2020, although she added, “Imma always go with Bernie.”

We already knew that Cardi was politically engaged, but it’s heartening to see her using her platform to make sure her fans are heard. Now we just want to know if she’ll consider running herself.