It's more of a sculpture than anything else.

Olivia Harvey
August 26, 2020
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin, Getty Images

Valentine's Day came early for miss Cardi B. Cardi showed off a Queen of Hearts hairstyle on Instagram yesterday, August 25th, and we must give her an absoluuuutely to her question in the caption: "Ya like my hair?"

"Yes or no?" she asks in the video she posted in which she shows off her whacky locks. "Would you guys go to a club with your hair like this?" Like, we would, but we're not sure if we could pull it off like Cardi B can.

Cardi's hair look is kind of like an anime character meets the Teletubbies—and, weirdly enough, we're very much so into it.

She shared a few clips from the process of creating such a look on her Instagram Stories. Her stylist, Tokyo Stylez, first started with a simple pastel pink wig and sectioned it off into two super-long pigtails.

(Of course, the pair were singing along to "WAP" for the nth time while crafting the style, as you do.)

@cardib, Instagram

Then, after some magic—a.k.a. probably a few hours in the salon chair—Cardi B left looking like the star of her own animated show on Cartoon Network. And it's a look we can get behind.

@cardib, Instagram

Though Cardi B has sported some incredible rainbow looks in recent history, she's kept her day-to-day look fairly simple (color wise, that is) for most of the summer, really only dabbling in natural colors and easy styles.

It's unclear if Cardi B wore her Queen of Hearts 'do to a photo shoot or interview, or if it was just something to hang out in at home for the day. Whatever the case, she pulled it off and then some. We hope she does, in fact, wear this to the club when they reopen.