Cardi B tweeted that her daughter has already developed a hilariously bad habit, and Kulture definitely has her mom's sense of humor

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Ever since Cardi B announced the birth of baby girl Kulture on July 10th, we’ve been living for her candid and hilarious social media posts about life as a new mom. All new parents know that those first few weeks with an infant are a wild adventure. But it seems that Kulture is already showing signs of her mom’s signature sense of humor. Cardi revealed that her baby girl developed a sassy habit just minutes after she was born, and we are fully cracking up over this.

Cardi frequently tweets about life with baby Kulture. She’s talked about the sleepless nights, how she underestimated the time she’d need to recover after giving birth, and explained why she pulled out of her tour with Bruno Mars. Cardi is also totally honest about when Kulture cops a bit of a baby ‘tude. And in her latest tweet, she revealed that Kulture was sticking out her middle finger just “minutes” after she was born. We love a sassy little lady.

“Minutes after my daughter was born she was sticking out her middle finger and she stay doing it now all the time,” Cardi tweeted on Saturday, August 11th. She joked that Kulture is “soo disrespectful,” adding, “wonder where she got it from?”

Of course, we know that Kulture doesn’t mean to be making crude gestures.

We’re sure Cardi can’t help but laugh when she sees her little one throwing up the middle finger. Fans were equally charmed by Cardi’s tweet.

Fellow new moms even shared photos and videos of their own babies giving the middle finger.

So it seems that baby Kulture isn’t the only little one to pick up this adorably naughty little habit.

Even though Cardi hasn’t shared a photo or video of Kulture just yet, we’re hoping that we get to see a glimpse of her soon, middle finger and all.

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