Cardi's captions on the posts are too good.

cardi b daughter kulture instagram
Credit: Rich Fury, Getty Images

Cardi B's daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus is worlds cooler than we'll ever be—but that's old news. New news is Cardi created an Instagram account for Kulture so she can embrace that influencer life before she even knows what the word "influencer" even means. Needless to say, we're already Kulture's number one stan.

"Follow @Kulturekiari new IG...soo much cool bute [sic] baby stuff coming up," Cardi B captioned the announcement post for Kulture's new Instagram account. Kulture, sporting a Louis Vuitton backpack and duck lips in the pics, looks like she's ready to begin snapping some serious selfies.

According to Kulture's Instagram bio, Cardi B will be running the page (that is, expectedly, until Kulture learns how to upload and caption like a pro). That means, we'll be getting Kulture content paired with Cardi captions—and that's a match made in heaven, if you ask our opinion.

So, we already have brilliant posts like, "Mom please," with Kulture giving shoutouts to Grandma and aunt Hennessy.

And TBT posts like this one captioned, "My mom telling me NO but that means YES in my language."

Through Kulture's Instagram account, we can finally learn if Kulture prefers mashed potatoes over rice. (She doesn't, by the way, but she doesn't think mashed potatoes are that bad anymore.)

And we'll get a look at her jewelry collection. "I’m Icey ?" the caption reads. Uh, yes, Kulture. Yes, you are definitely "Icey."

We don't think we've ever hit the "Follow" button so fast. Check out Kulture's feed @KultureKiari. She's only been on the app for two days, but Kulture already has more than 680,000 followers.

Influence us, Kulture. We're so ready to learn a thing or two from the coolest 2-year-old with an Instagram handle.