Anna Sheffer
Updated February 11, 2019 6:48 am

Last night, February 10th, was one of the biggest nights in music: the 2019 Grammy Awards. It also turned out to be a huge night for Cardi B. After showing up in a jaw-dropping pearl-encrusted beehive, she went on to win her first Grammy—Best Rap Album for Invasion of Privacy. And after the ceremony, the rapper shared a video of her daughter, Kulture, saying “mama” for the first time ever. Before all that, though, her on-again-off-again beau Offset’s group, Migos, posted a clip of Cardi giving birth to Kulture. And the footage is intense.

Migos shared an Instagram video before the Grammys to announce that their next album will be released on February 22nd, along with a documentary about the group. It mostly contained footage of them touring and working on their new music. But at the very end, there was a very intense clip of Cardi in the throes of labor. The footage shows her pushing as Offset stands by her side, concluding with an up-close look at his stunned face. The footage was time-stamped with the date July 10th, 2018, leaving no doubt about its legitimacy.

We’re guessing that Cardi knew the birth of her daughter was being recorded, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the clip is part of the upcoming Migos documentary. It’s very likely, of course, that Cardi gave the okay for Migos to use that footage in the promo. That said, many women want privacy surrounding the moment they give birth, so we wouldn’t blame Cardi if she was upset that one of her most intimate moments had been shared on Instagram. Offset, unfortunately, has a history of doing things without asking her permission first.

When Cardi accepted her Grammy, she invited Offset onstage during her acceptance speech, suggesting that there’s no bad blood between them.

Overall, we’re not sure what to think. We just hope that Cardi is okay with the birth footage being out there for everyone to see.