Just days after Cardi B went viral for weighing in on the government shutdown, the rap icon has graced us with her progressive politics yet again. A far-right commentator named Stephanie Hamill shared Cardi B and City Girl’s new video for “Twerk” and asked, “In the Era of #MeToo how exactly does this empower women?” This Twitter troll conflated sexual harassment with sexual expression and seemingly blamed videos like “Twerk” for the #MeToo movement, which is—sorry—the wrong take.

Thankfully, Cardi hit the reply button faster than you can say “feminist clapback” and explained to Hamill how her victim-blaming sensibilities were way, way off.

After Cardi’s expert lecture on consent hit the online platform, she (of course) faced even more harassment from the right. But Cardi did not falter and kept to her talking points.

We’re listening.

Now is the time to announce your 2020 presidential run, Cardi.