Captain Marvel
Credit: J. Merritt/WireImage/Getty Images

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a ‘lil movie coming out next year called Captain Marvel. But come on, of course you’ve heard of it, because it’s Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie, with a superwoman herself, Brie Larson, in the title role. On top of that, it’s being directed by a woman Anna Boden (along with Ryan Fleck), and also written by a women, Geneva Robertson-Dworet. Talk about a perfect collaboration of lady power.

While we’ve seen some quick glimpses from the set (and Larson rocking what appears to be a very “Rachel haircut” for Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers), everything else about the movie is under lock and key until now. But HelloGiggles recently jumped on the phone with Geneva Robertson-Dworet, the lady behind the script who also happens to have penned the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, and listen, Robertson-Dworet is just as excited as we are about Brie Larson saving the world. When asked what she’s most excited to see brought to life, Robertson-Dworet says, without missing a beat, “The whole thing.”

The importance of Captain Marvel, and the fact that it’s female fronted across the board, is not lost on Robertson-Dworet, who yes, is very much a fangirl herself at heart.

“I think the fanboys have been running the comic book world and the video game world for a long time, and so now that we get some female heroines in there, it’s certainly about time that more fangirls were writing it,” Robertson-Dworet continues. However, while she is thrilled to write as a female for female characters, she shouldn’t be limited to just those types of projects.

“I love also when women get to write male roles as well. The kickass Nicole Perlman, who’s an amazing writer, wrote Guardians of the Galaxy, which is, of course, primarily male characters. So that’s the next [hurdle], I think the next glass ceiling is women getting to write iconic male roles. It’s exciting to watch all these fellow women make that jump. We need more of them, and yeah, certainly want to hope that as well for myself.”

And as for what iconic male character Robertson-Dworet would love to write herself?

Please, someone let her do a rewrite on Bond 25, or pen all of Bond 26. Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019, and you can watch Robertson-Dworet’s latest female character kick major butt in Tomb Raider on March 23rd.