It takes an eagle eye (and some serious zooming) to find the Easter egg in the new Captain Marvel poster—but that didn’t stop fans. The poster, which features a determined Carol Danvers in her superhero suit, also includes one tiny but important detail:

A subtle nod to Chewie, her furry sidekick.

A little background: Chewie is a cat! Okay, not exactly. Chewie is a flerken, an alien creature with a slew of intimidating powers (including the ability to lay eggs to produce more flerkens) that looks like a cat. And he’s named after Chewbacca.

Fans weren’t sure whether Chewie would be featured in the new Captain Marvel film, but this one little clue is easing people’s minds. On the far left side of the new full-length poster, you can just make out the tail-end of a cat with orange fur. The cat is almost totally concealed in shadows, making it hard to spot.

Fans are, needless to say, ecstatic.


Honestly, we are every bit as excited about Chewie as everyone else is (and it’s worth noting that Brie Larson looks absolutely fierce in her Captain Marvel suit).

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019, and we can’t wait.