Briana Hansen
Updated Jul 18, 2016 @ 3:38 pm
Credit: shallia/YouTube

Every once in a while, a documentary comes out that completely changes our perspective. We become completely enthralled by the real-life drama created in the constantly twisting and turning story. Even the less melodramatic ones tell us stories of intricate worlds we never would have known of before.

And this firsthand account of the every day activities of a brave dog just might be the next major breakthrough documentary of our generation.

Well… maybe.

But it’s definitely super cute.

Credit: shallia/YouTube

The “filmmakers” follow around an adorable little Schipperke who apparently has a morning routine of checking out everything in the backyard. It turns out the little furry friend has a pretty packed schedule once she starts her “shift” of all sorts of basic maintenance.

The short film is narrated by the dog herself (or maybe a just human who has translated the simple communications of the busy security dog). And, like any good documentary, it’s filled with a whole range of emotions. It goes beyond simply telling about the cute dog’s routine and gives emotional motivation behind each action.

The motivation and logical reasoning behind the seemingly normal dog-like actions make all 75 seconds this video absolutely delightful.

Credit: shallia/YouTube

What would otherwise be just some video of a regular dog curiously exploring her backyard transforms into the captivating tale of all the expectations and back-breaking work a guard dog must endure in a day.

Basically, it’s completely amusing and surprisingly satisfying. Not to mention, it makes us have a little more appreciation for all that our four-legged friends do for us.

Watch the full documentary below.