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Crystal Garland
September 29, 2016 3:30 pm

Young girls and women today are full of incredible ambition and dreams. They are our future scientists, economists, artists, and politicians. But as a recent campaign from IGNITE National reminds us, not everyone believes in our girls the way we do.

See the powerful ad for yourself

In the ad, a young girl with presidential ambitions gives voice to the impact discouragement has on young women.

As part of its #DeclareYourAmbition campaign, IGNITE, a national nonprofit devoted to developing women’s political leadership, is encouraging all of us not only to be mindful of how we respond to young girls when they express their passions, but also to support and foster the development of those dreams.

As Dr. Anne Moses, founder of IGNITE, shares,

We couldn’t agree more! This year we have our first female presidential candidate for a major party, but the number of women in elected offices remains dismally low.

IGNITE National / www.ignitenational.org

When we are unaccounted for in political leadership, it means our voices are not at the table when policy decisions are made that affect our healthcare, reproductive rights, families, and economic opportunities.

We are at our best when our leaders reflect the true diversity of our country.

So, the next time you see a young girl, cheer on her dreams and remind her to never dim her light, because her voice is a vital one we need at every table.

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