We adore watching Camila Mendes in action as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, but as it turns out that we have a brand new reason to love her. Mendes has always had an unshakeable confidence, and in a recent interview, she revealed how that confidence helped her get a major jump on her career.

In an interview with Ladygunn magazine this month, Mendes opened up about her college days at N.Y.C.’s Tisch School of the Arts. Like many of us, she also worked as an intern then for a talent agency, and instead of asking for a job at the end of her internship, she decided to ask for an audition because she wanted to be represented by the same firm.

And it worked. The agency agreed to the audition and ended up signing her. Inspirational, much?

“I think as actors, people are waiting to be discovered and they’re waiting for people to be like, ‘Wow. What a talent. I must sign you,’” Mendes said. “But really, you have to put yourself out there. And yeah, it’s going to be a little uncomfortable but what’s the worst that can happen, you know?”

Putting yourself out there can be hard, but as we learned from Mendes’ success, sometimes making yourself uncomfortable can be totally worth it. She may never have booked Riverdale without taking that risk, and we can’t imagine anyone else as Veronica.

Mendes also talked about her confidence, which she said mostly comes from the fact that she’s willing to be honest about who she is without holding back.

And that’s why we (and so many of her fans) look up to her—especially now that we know how she landed an agent. Her experience just goes to show that when you take the initiative and put yourself out there, anything can happen.