All parents of small children know one eternal truth: kids are unpredictable. And newly-elected California Governor Gavin Newsom can 100% attest to this fact after his toddler literally wandered out on stage during his January 7th inaugural address. According to NBC Bay Area, Newsom’s two-year-old son, Dutch, sauntered out as the politician spoke about his vision for California’s future.

Dutch managed to time his interruption perfectly, when the governor was in the middle of stressing the importance of caring for others.

He then put Dutch down, and the two-year-old continued to explore the stage, hiding behind the podium at one point. According to The Guardian, Dutch’s seven-year-old brother, Hunter, and his mom, documentarian Jennifer Siebel Newsom, both tried to herd him back to his seat (and eventually were successful).

Dutch Newsom certainly has a natural stage presence. Maybe he has a future in politics?