Amy Schumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty hits theaters today, Friday, April 20th. Chances are that you’ve heard some things, seen some headlines, and read some tweets about the film. And chances are also that some of those things were negative. When the first trailer for the film was released, the I Feel Pretty backlash was swift. People argued that the movie’s central theme was problematic and sent the wrong message about body image and beauty standards. And we can see where that argument comes from. Schumer is a beautiful, intelligent woman, both IRL and on screen as her character, Renee. So it’s a little frustrating to think that the movie centers around a woman who believes confidence should come from her outer appearance.

But make no mistake: I Feel Pretty is not about a woman who needs an outer makeover. It’s about a woman who is gently (okay, violently — she hits her head on a stationary bike during a SoulCycle class) reminded that she is enough on the inside, which makes her enough on the outside. When you actually sit down and watch the movie, it quickly becomes clear that the film has nothing to do with Renee’s looks (or Schumer’s, by extension).

The message of I Feel Pretty is that no matter what you look like on the outside, if you have the ultimate confidence in yourself on the inside, you can change your life.

We spoke with Busy Philipps, who plays Renee’s friend Jane, about the film and asked how she feels about the I Feel Pretty backlash.

Philipps emphasized that there are no fat jokes or jokes at Schumer’s expense.

She reminded us that everyone — even the most beautiful people in the world — have their own insecurities.

And that those insecurities are valid, no matter how beautiful we think their outer appearance is.

I Feel Pretty is now playing in theaters.