Sophy Ziss
March 19, 2018 1:07 pm
Bryan Cranston /

Bryan Cranston is an award-winning actor, best known for Breaking Bad and Malcolm in The Middle. He’s talented, he’s hilarious, he’s dad-hot (it’s a thing), and as it turns out, Bryan Cranston can’t figure out how to record an Instagram video. Seriously. Despite all his wonderful qualifications, he can’t figure out how to get an Instagram video to look good. But that’s okay. We love him even more for it.

Bryan Cranston tried to record a video from his trip to Iceland, and it… almost worked?

The actor is currently in Iceland, and he’s running into a few mishaps. Not a cultural divide, or the language, or anything like that. No, Bryan Cranston, the once and forever Walter White, accidentally put anti-fungal cream on his toothbrush and then put the toothbrush in his mouth. Oops. We know this, because he took this aww-dorable video documenting the incident for fans.

Everything about it is dad beyond words, right? The glasses. The fact that he’s filming a video in the mirror instead of using the front-facing camera. That he even *has* anti-fungal cream in his overnight kit. It’s all so perfect. As he’s spinning the yarn for his many Instagram followers, he tries to recreate the incident. This turns the Dadness of it all up to infinity. After zooming in way too closely, Cranston flips the camera back and forth a few times. Why he even feels the need to really show off the anti-fungal lotion is beyond us. Taking us along for the ride, we guess? Anyway, it’s cute and hilarious and just a little frustrating to watch. After all, he does have a daughter (Taylor Dearden from Sweet/Vicious on MTV). How is it possible that he hasn’t figured Instagram out by now, with or without help? The blurriness! The zooming around!

Oh, and just saying, this *probably* would have been a better live video. Does Bryan Cranston really want this situation documented on his page for all eternity? Total dad move, in the best way.