We’ve found our new favorite group of bros, and spoiler alert, they’re also Taylor Swifts favorite bros. Delta Sig fraternity brothers at Transylvania University in Kentucky made an adorably hilarious lip sync video to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”, and it ended up doing way more good than they anticipated.

The purpose of their video, which they released back in 2014 on YouTube, was to draw attention to a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraising page. And it succeeded in a big way.

Here’s the video in all it’s goofy glory:

Once the video went viral, it ended up drawing the attention of T. Swizzle herself. Swift not only saw the video and loved it, she personally invited the guys and their dates to attend her show.

Cut to one year later: The fraternity took her up on her offer (because duh), and probably after freaking the freak out that Swift saw their video, offered their tickets to 37 kids from their local Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. According to the local Lexington news station WKYT, some of the kids had never been to a concert, so this was especially exciting for them. Fraternity brother Barton Lynch told WKYT, “We all got two tickets so we all thought this is just a gift and it would be a shame not to do something good with it”.

Good is definitely an understatement. Once the video went viral, they continued to use their YouTube channel to help raise money for Leukemia. Often times fraternities are in the news for negative reasons, so it’s nice to hear a story of a fraternity making great choices. We think these guys are so fantastic and love all the good they’re doing to help their community. We imagine all 37 kids think so too.

(Featured image via Youtube)