Jill Layton
July 31, 2016 10:40 am
Warner Bros Pictures

Fairy penguins are real, and the world just got a lot cuter.

For the first time in its 120+ year existence, the Bronx Zoo has successfully bred a fairy penguin — and it’s the sweetest, most adorable little thing ever.

The teeny, tiny penguins are also called “little penguins,” “blue penguins” and “little blue penguins” — but we’re going to stick with “fairy penguins” because that’s an amazing name for an animal.

Fairy penguins are the smallest of all the eighteen species of penguins. Adults only grow to just over a foot tall and weigh a mere two to three pounds.

They’re native to Australia and New Zealand, where they nest in burrows on sand dunes or rocky beach areas — which sounds like an absolutely perfect life.

Twenty-four fairy penguins arrived at the Bronx Zoo in 2015 all the way from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, which has the most successful fairy penguin breeding program in the world (around fifteen hatch there each year).

But the Bronx Zoo had a hard time breeding them until May 10, when the newest fairy penguin was successfully born!

Here’s the cutie at two-months-old (and already getting so big)!

Wildlife Conservation Society/YouTube

Sadly, the survival of the species is severely threatened by humans and climate change, which is part of the reason why the birth of this little baby is such a big deal.

Welcome to the world, little fairy penguin. We’re already obsessed with you.