Britney Spears may not have joined the legions of celebrities flocking to the 2019 Sundance Film Festival this year, but it seems she was there in spirit…literally. During a sit-down with the L.A. Timesahead of the premiere of his film Corporate Animals, director Patrick Brice revealed the singer has a surprise cameo in the horror comedy. Britney’s cameo was kept so tightly under wraps that some cast members, including Jessica Williams, didn’t find out about it until Brice spilled to the Times.

Corporate Animals follows the staff of a premiere edibles company as they attempt to survive after getting stuck in a cave during a corporate retreat in Mexico. Without giving too much away, Brice revealed that one of the characters, played by Calum Worthy, is “obsessed” with the singer, and at one point in the film begins hallucinating, believing Britney Spears is speaking to him through the walls.

Corporate Animals does not have an official distributor or release date yet, so we’ll have to wait a while until we know how we can view this epic cameo for ourselves.