Britney Spears
Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon /

There are two things we know to be true: Jimmy Fallon always knows how to make us laugh, and we can never get enough Britney Spears. Which is why we were ever-so-stoked to see the two stars join forces last night, July 26th, on the Tonight Show for Fallon’s popular “Ew!” sketch.

In the clip, Fallon’s Sara (without an “h,” because it’s “ew”) reunites with her summer camp bestie, Abby (Spears). When Abby first enters — in an ah-mazing retro outfit we might add — she compliments Sara on how good she looked in her poison ivy rashes at camp. “The camp nurse went through two crates of calamine lotion, it was nasty,” Sara giggles.

And things just escalate from there (in the best way possible).

Britney was in N.Y.C. as part of her Piece of Me summer tour, the touring extension of her Las Vegas residency show that will head to Europe in August. Piece of Me is essentially a nostalgia-packed showcase of 30 of her greatest songs, and it allows avid fans to see their idol live without a trip to the Vegas strip.

However, if you’d prefer to see the pop legend in Vegas, you may be in luck. There are rumors that she’ll return for a second residency, though nothing has been officially confirmed at this time.

At any rate — thanks for the laughs, Britney and Jimmy! We needed this.