Nicole Cord-Cruz
March 13, 2018 2:42 pm
Netflix, DreamWorks

As if the reviews for Netflix’s Bright weren’t brutal enough, Honest Trailers just gave the film their classic takedown treatment — and it’s both ruthless and hilarious. Despite a massive marketing push and a large viewership, the Will Smith and Joel Edgerton starrer came under critical scrutiny, and the Bright Honest Trailer didn’t pass up on the opportunity to point that out.

It opens up with a jab at Netflix, which is described as “your first choice for prestige television and last choice for movies.” OUCH. Then, it denotes what was painfully obvious — that in the film, we witness Will Smith like “we’ve never seen him before,” a “wildcard cop with a by-the-book partner” like he played in Bad Boys and Men in Black. And (basically) again in I, Robot and Independence Day. Aaaand in Wild Wild West and Suicide Squad.

So, Smith being a wildcard cop with a by-the-book partner in Bright is *totally* original…

But, his partner (Edgerton) is an orc, so I guess that counts for creativity? That aside, what Honest Trailers is really getting at is the inescapable truth of how the film completely missed the mark in showing that it’s a metaphor for modern racism. Instead of the orcs being an effective stand-in for people of color, the trailer exposes orcs for what they actually are in the film — SHREK-LIKE ALIENS.

On top of that, the video also savagely comments on how it “wasted the cool premise of a modern-day fantasy world.” It had magic and fairies and dragons, but all these creative possibilities were shamelessly squandered. “You can’t just add magic and claim it’s any different from a normal cop movie!” the narrator exclaims.

If you’re a Bright fan, that’s totally fine. It’s still a relatively amusing film in its entirety. And Netflix just gave a Bright sequel the green light, and that counts for something! But also, you can’t deny the Shrek parallels…