A woman, a bride holding a bridal bouquet of pastel coloured pale pink roses and peonies.
Credit: Emily Hancock / Getty Images

We’ve seen it all — dog weddings, themed weddings, traditional weddings — and each ceremony trying to top the next can be a bit exhausting for observers. And while we were just thinking that we needed a little something to organically shake things up, we weren’t quite expecting this bridal party’s photo to do the trick.

What appeared to be yet another post-nuptial photo shoot for the bridal party, almost ended up in a dramatic ride to the hospital for Birmingham, Alabama photographer Leslie Hollingsworth. While she was going above and beyond to deliver the most elegant bridal photos to the newlyweds, Hollingsworth almost got pummeled by a passing car — and she captured the party’s reactions on camera!

Look closely, the bridal party is completely freaking out!

The looks on the bridesmaids’ faces as Hollingsworth was just steps away from becoming one with the road are priceless! And the newlyweds being able to keep their composure during the fiasco says a lot to us about how they’ll handle obstacles in the future — in complete composed solidarity.

We can’t say that we would’ve handled the event as casually as she did.