Briana Hansen
Updated Aug 09, 2016 @ 12:38 pm
Credit: David Ramos/Getty Images

Brazilian gymnast Rebeca Andrade’s floor routine had everything you’d expect from an Olympic-caliber athlete. It was filled with twists jumps and flips and moves that are seriously awe-inspiring.

But she added a whole new level to the competition by setting the entire floor routine to Beyoncé music.

Like Queen Bey herself, it was flawless.

Luckily for all of us, she’s done the routine before and it was captured in its close-up glory. Behold:

Not only does she pay homage to the artist in her song choices, but there are some seriously Beyhive-approved dance moves you can see throughout the routine. Between the shimmying and the iconic “Single Ladies” arm pumps, she’s totally channeling Beyoncé on every level.

Because she brought all that superstar power to the Olympics, people everywhere totally loving it.


And when you successfully channel Beyoncé, you’re totally going to slay.

Credit: BeyonceVEVO/Giphy

Some people have tweeted the full video of her Olympic floor routine so you can watch it (and listen) for yourself.

Maybe Andrade’s success will usher in a new era of pop-inspired floor routines for gymnasts all over the world. Or, you know, just more Beyoncé all the time, everywhere. We’ll be happy either way.