Credit: Instagram/sire.moustache

Is it just us, or has Disneyland truly been killing the snack game lately? The park just introduced Dole whip churros, but its latest addition might be our favorite yet. It’s happening: Disneyland is now serving boozy ice cream floats, so get ready to actually live your best adult life at the happiest place on Earth.

According to PopSugar, Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream at Disney’s California Adventure is now serving Hard Floats, which means for less than $11, you can get your booze and your sugar fix on.

If you order the float, you get any ice cream bar flavor you want submerged in an alcoholic drink of your choosing, including hard orange soda, hard root beer, or Guinness.

Okay, that sounds incredible, especially on a hot day when you’re busy running around trying to hit all your favorite rides. Plus, they look pretty good too. Feast your eyes on this:

Unfortunately, Disneyland park itself still doesn’t serve alcohol, but the good news is that it’s just a short walk over to California Adventure once you’ve exited Disneyland, which means you can have your hands on one of these floats pretty quickly after riding Space Mountain. Isn’t that the dream we’ve all been chasing, after all?

Next time someone tries to give you grief for your love of Disneyland despite the fact that you’re a grown-ass woman, fill them in on everything they’re missing, aka these amazing boozy treats. You don’t have to be a kid to have a blast at your favorite theme park, especially if it’s serving you ice cream and alcohol in the same cup.