Sophy Ziss
January 10, 2018 2:39 pm

Television series made for broadcast or cable usually air on TV, and then make their way to online streaming services. But Netflix original BoJack Horseman might be the first series ever to move in the other direction. Apparently, BoJack Horseman could move to cable TV for syndication — and soon. No series created for the Internet has made the leap to cable syndication yet, so BoJack Horseman would make history.

Plenty of TV shows have been adapted from YouTube sketches or video diaries, but Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu original series are yet to move from the Internet to cable. Not even The Mindy Project, which originally aired on FOX before moving to Hulu, and that show fielded rumors about returning to TV several years ago. So why this show, and why now? Why not, say, Orange is the New Black, or anything else? That’s the interesting part.

Because of ownership rights, BoJack Horseman might be the first (and last) Netflix series to move to syndication for a while.

As IndieWire points out, BoJack Horseman was created early in Netflix’s roster of original programming. The streaming service wasn’t super invested in owning every aspect of their shows at that time.

In other words, it’s not Netflix’s call to bring the dark comedy into syndication if a deal gets worked out; it’s the show’s distribution company that has the rights.

Since the early days, Netflix has gobbled up exclusive rights to all aspects of their originals, so it’s not likely they’d allow another show to move into syndication. But if BoJack Horseman does come to “regular” TV, it would be all 48 episodes from the existing four seasons, and hey, that’s good news for anyone looking to watch the show without a Netflix account (we’re sure those people exist).